Why I Like ItZedd reminds us all yet again how incredibly talented of a musician he is. The classically trained producer behind songs such as “Find You”, “Clarity”, and “Spectrum” pulls this trick from his sleeve right after his set at Ultra 2014 in Miami, showcasing his drumming ability as he covers the drum track from “Find You” live. 

Why I Like It: Laundry Day 2 brings the return of the Laundry Day Jersey Club series curated by Ricky Cervantes. Featuring unreleased tracks, exclusive edits, and some of the biggest names in Jersey Club right now, it’s a load cycle of fresh tunes to get you going this Spring. Download is free as always, leave a comment if you dig it.

Why I Like It: Mashing up iconic tracks such as Sublime’s “Summertime” is tricky because it’s very easy to destroy a classic, DJ Fox though does it justice by mixing in DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” and knocks it out of the park. The tracks compliment each other perfectly, and upon pressing play, transport you to a lawn chair, poolside, with a cold beverage in hand. Summertime cannot come soon enough.

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Why I Like It: The magic behind Above & Beyond’s 2013 acoustic concert series is finally available on iTunes. Putting aside their CDJs in favor of a live band and real instruments, Above & Beyond’s acoustic recreations of various classics were mind blowingly good from what I had seen over the past few months via youtube cell phone clips, even Skrillex got in on the fun, but these studio recreations of those performances really capture the beauty behind it all. 

My personal favorite is Oceanlab’s “Satellite” which is in my opinion, one of the most beautiful electronic tracks of all time, and the acoustic recreation gave me chills. Seriously, go listen.

Stream clips of the album in the playlist above, then purchase the album in it’s entirety on iTunes HERE

Why I Like It: The world was buzzing over the live mashup that blew our minds at the 56th Grammy Awards. The official remix featuring Kendrick Lamar left me disappointed, so when this showed up in my inbox, i was ecstatic. The king of pop mashups himself, Isosine, does a proper recreation of the mashup we all fell in love with.

Stream the track above, and watch the accompanying music video HERE.

Why I Like It: because if you haven’t heard of PromNite yet, you’re going to. I’m not entirely sure what genre i’d even classify this as, but this bass-heavy R&B-style jam is chock full of samples and will get your toe tapping. This is one producer you’re going to want to keep your eye on in 2014.

Why I Like It: Uh huh, honey! Yeezus goes drum n bass! Sigma took Kanye West’s Yeezus single “Bound 2” and turned it into this incredibly original DnB bootleg. While the production isn’t anything special, the idea is incredibly creative, and you guys know how much i like creativity. Well done, sir.

Why I Like It: I ended up on the weird side of soundcloud and found this insane combination of Boards of Canada and the theme from Super Mario Bros. that… and i feel odd saying this… actually works. Acromax’s “Boards of Italia” is equal parts brilliant and surreal, and i love it. 

Free lossless WAV download HERE.

Why I Like It: SRL is quickly turning into a Jersey Club blog, haha, sorry but there’s just SO MUCH good stuff coming out of the genre right now, but by far the most mindblowing of it all is THIS remix. Jersey Club heavyweights Sliink, Hoodboi and Trippy Turtle team up for this insane remix of August Alsina’s “Sucka”. It’s everything you could expect from three of the biggest names in the genre on one track. It’s absolutely dreamy, and it’s required listening.

Free download at the Soundcloud link above.

Why I Like It: It’s no wonder that Playground Mob’s take on Justin Timberlake’s smash hit “My Love” has support from the self proclaimed “King of Jersey Club” himself, DJ Sliink. Although this remix has all of the usual Jersey Club gimmicks, it manages to create an absolutely huge sound that encapsulates the vibe of JT’s original while giving us something new to groove to.